Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Review: KingBeetle Linux Blog

KingBeetle Linux Blog

I selected this blog for review because this site dedicates itself to Exploring linux programs, and Clonezilla happens to be a Linux program. They even have an article on Clonezilla.

The blog itself has been around since August of this year, and has accumulated over 19 Articles in the form of blog posts.He is rather active with his blogging considering the length of some of these posts. Most of the articles have to do with linux, with 1-2 that are tangents on other neat stuff.

The blog has a link list to other blogs that KingBeetle is running, and an active tag list to help find topics of interest in his blog posts. The articles themselves are the only help you will find on the site. The site itself has most of it's important links to the articles placed higher to the top them some of the less useful gadgets, making browsing easier.

Overall, i like the site for it's content, but the theme that the user picked is extremely annoying to the eyes, and he has far too many gadgets. A little bit of clean up is in order.


  1. Post on October 21st on Using Perl's LWP::UserAgent and HTML::Form Modules to Extract Data From a Web Page.

  2. Post on October 26th on Calling a Perl Script from a web page using JavaScript.

  3. No Posts to report after October 26th.

  4. Thanks for the review of (and link to) my blog! I strive to produce content that people will find useful and informative.

    I disagree with you on the annoying theme issue, but I will certainly take it into consideration.