Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Computer Saving Options

Norton Ghost Review Here

Norton Ghost is one of the best hard drive cloning softwares for windows on the market right now. It can do everything from within windows, and so long as you know how to use a mouse and keyboard, you should be ok running this software. CNet usually gets sponsored to do reviews and they are usually very informative. They are a decent news source for tech related products. If you don't want to spend money though, the next option is for you.

Clonezilla Information Here

Clonezilla is a cloning software that is written in linux and was developed in the sourceforge community. The software is copy-lefted, which means that it will remain free so long as any piece of it's code is implimented in future produces, and must have open source code so others can improve the produce indefinitally. Sourceforge is a very useful website with people that actually developed and are still developing the product you are using, and can help you with any problem you encounter. Clonezilla requires you to be tech savy enough to not freak out when the screen isn't a GUI. Clonezilla makes a decent effort to guide you though what you will need to do, but if you cringe at the idea of selecting from a menu with arrow keys, then this isn't for you.

Guide Covering Norton and HdDrive Link Here

The review above is done by PCStats.com, which is a website that dedicates itself to everything tech related and has quite a few beginners guides for those that would like to become more tech savy. This review goes over how to use Nortan Ghost and another utility HdDrive.

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